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Choosing a solicitor in a market as wide ranging as the U.K. can be difficult.


Many firms whether large, medium or small, often fail when it comes to the simple things – failing to advise clients in plain and simple English, failing to advise properly on costs (often charging excessive fees without communicating clearly with clients) and failing to provide ease of access to lawyers.


Our success is built on ensuring that clients are always our priority.


When we established A.T. Law in 2006, our aims were simple:-

  1. to provide a high quality legal service tailored to clients from every walk of life and industry;
  2. to compete with other London firms in terms of the quality of the service we provide but excel in terms of the results and cost of those services; and
  3. to provide our services in a flexible and efficient way.

Our aims are defined by our approach to legal services:- we always aim to work as part of our client’s team to help them achieve the best solutions for their business and career. We take pride in having achieved these aims time and again for - and in partnership with - our clients.